Support Centre Opens!

"Over and over again it has been the same- the most natural explanation of phenomena is the very one that men have most shunned; and, if no middle course was to be found, they have rushed to the wildest hypothesis."

Nansen - Farthest North

Being a 'Life Quality' provider it is important to us that our customers' understand our products and services; what they can do, how they can be used and their overall benefit to their operations in meeting their regulatory obligations and product compliance requirements. To meet these aspirations we have opened a Customer Support Centre Portal. This portal is exclusively owned and managed by (Waterfall & O'Brien Ltd), this means our management team have total control over the editorial content and the appointment of responsible editors. As a company it is important to us that we own and manage the rights to our intellectual property and because of this you can be assured that the information presented is factually accurate. But don't take our word for it, head over there and leave a comment on any article you feel inclined to challenge.

As a scientific editorial it is important to fulfil the commitment to 'Reveal the Science behind the Technology', but it is equally important to document the experiences of the scientists behind the science. Waterfall & O'Brien has been in Bristol since approximately 1897, that shared history is important to everyone, so we thought we would publish some of our history of working in the Bristol area with you as a shared legacy and in so doing you may better understand how we contribute to improving your quality of life. Check out Chris Beedal's 'The West Country At War': He's reminiscing about analytical chemistry during 1941 while working with a gas contamination officer and a one-armed first world war veteran.

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